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Love And War (2009)

A few years back, I remember standing in the massive crowd at Creation Festival waiting for a band by the name of BarlowGirl to take the stage. There were a group of guys standing right behind me. I remember these guys making comments about having to stand through a "chick band" so that they wouldn't lose their spot for a later set they were waiting for.

BarlowGirl's set began, and it was great as always. I couldn't help but over hear those same guys from before the show, only now the comments changed to ones such as "Dude, they were so good!" Believers they now are.

Another Journal Entry (2005)

"We met these sisters / Barlow's their last name / Ordinary girls / They don't live in the fast lane"

BarlowGirl (2004)

The girls in BarlowGirl were the basis of a hit song before most even knew who they were. As the protagonists in Superchic[k]'s "Barlow Girl," these three sisters were held in high regard because of their biblically strong morals. Now, with two years' experience and a record deal under their belt, this trio has finally released a debut CD in hopes of capitalizing on the notoriety provided by the Superchic[k] song.