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In Motion (2005)

Do you ever face the dilemma of enjoying a CD so much that you can't describe what it is that makes your feet tap, your voice sing, and your heart start beating in sync with the bass drum? Friends (even casual strangers) come up to you and ask, "So, tell me about such and such. Every other word you say is about that band." And all you can do is stare wide-eyed, hand on your chest. You blame a lack of oxygen for your lack of verbal communication. So you gasp, "They're amazing," while your mind is writing a review stellar and crisp enough to land in Rolling Stone.

Beneath Medicine Tree (2003)

Music, as much as any art, has been used as a balm for fragile wounds. When music is used in such a manner, it rings honest and heals other cracked hearts. Sir Phillip Sidney wrote how poetry was used to relieve one's senses from the damaged world surrounding, and Beneath Medicine Tree has this same soothing effect. While Aaron Marsh struggled with the hospitalization of two close friends, these songs poured out frustration and healing. Due to this transparency, listeners can find healing as well.