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Farewell Show - delirious? (2010) Blu-Ray

Over the years, delirious? have released many concert recordings.  However, the concert experience does not get any better than this, the band's only Blu-Ray release.  Thanks to the technology of the Blu-Ray disc, the video and audio quality are like they have never been before.  Watching this on your home video system is definitely the closest to feeling like you were there.

The concert presented here is the exact same concert (both the main concert and the Cutting Edge pre-show) as was on the DVD release.  For more details on the concert's video and audio content, I recommend you read both the DVD and CD review.  The only major difference is that the video is in full 1080p High-Definition.  (The audio is also presented in 5.1 DTS HD Master Audio as well as Dolby Digital 5.1 and Stereo, but I do not have the equipment to test the 5.1 mixes for their quality.)  The visuals of the disc are crisp and clear, even despite the tough lighting conditions that is a dark concert hall with very bright lights.  The Cutting Edge show video, which seemed a bit more compressed on the DVD, looks especially beautiful on this Blu-Ray.  The behind-the-scenes tour video included on the DVD is also included here in standard definition video.

There is one additional feature to the Blu-Ray release not on the DVD release.  Just before the last tour started, British program God TV spent an hour interviewing the five guys of delirious? in their studio.  The standard definition video is cut pretty quickly using multiple camera angles and often different video on different parts of the screen.  Also included in portions of the screen is photos relating to the topic of conversation that I, as a longtime fan, had not seen before.  The conversation spans the entire 17 years of the band's history and even talks a bit about what the band members wish to do with the future.  Other topics include the songwriting process, touring around the world, and the band's inspiration, among other things.  It's a great interview, and even though the full interview is available currently on the God TV website, it is a great gift to fans to have a copy of this interview to keep on their shelf for later viewing.

For a delirious? fan who owns a Blu-Ray player, I strongly recommend getting this disc. For those who are not as familiar with delirious? but want to experience their dynamic, heartfelt and moving concert performances, this is also the disc for you.  As the final gift from delirious? to its fans, there is no better gift they could have given us than this release.