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Stanley Climbfall (2002)

Are you giving up already? Nobody ever accomplished anything with that kind of attitude. Life deals everyone their fair share of trials and tribulations, joys and accomplishments, victories and defeats. What matters is how you handle each of the bad hands. After all, life has a meaning, contrary to what others tell you. This isn't some game we play for the amusement of a corrupt deity. Our existence is not pathetic. This is a growing process. This is real.

No Name Face (2000)

A debut full of radio gems, No Name Face introduced the world to this soul-searching rock band--giving them some good songs in the process. "Hanging By a Moment" is one you've probably heard on the radio, and chances are that "Sick Cycle Carousel" and "Breathing" found their way into your ears as well. Though the music is derivative, the lyrics are honest, laying bare the souls of seeking pilgrims.