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Enjoy Christian hip hop? Check out George Moss

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You can get this free download HERE. Below is the full press release announcing the new song, as well as giving some information on the artist, George Moss.[img_assist|nid=2201|title=George Moss|desc=|link=none|align=right|width=180|height=180]

If you’re into some really good hip-hop you definitely don’t want to miss this! Even if you don't normally listen to hiphop/rap, I'd suggest checking this out - it's super catchy and unique. I'm loving it!


GRAND RAPIDS, MICHIGAN – Dreamlight Entertainment just announced the release of George Moss’ “Go Hard or Go Home.”  Starting today, the song is available on his MySpace ( and on his brand new website ( as a free download. This is the first in a series of scheduled single releases from Moss.

After studying Ephesians 6:12 and researching the current spiritual battles in our world, Moss felt the call to write about his thoughts on the subject.  “I’ve become more aware of the spiritual warfare that is happening all around us. I never even recognized it before.” With poignant lyrics, a catchy beat, and a renewed vision, Moss presents his ideas in “Go Hard or Go Home.”

“For years I chose to be unaware of the situation because I just chalked it up as one of those cliché things that people say in church. But I am now becoming more aware of the battle, and beginning to see how Satan truly is a master at deception. I realize now how important it is for us to fight back.” He felt that it was time to more clearly define his mission both as a Christian and an artist. “It’s a more clearly defined vision,” Moss shares. “It’s not new, but it is a new step in where I am going musically.”

George Moss is the founder of Dreamlight Entertainment, as well as one of its artists. He entered the music industry in 2001 with talent, determination, and a heart for ministry. In 2002 he was asked to co-star in two Christian films. When the opportunity arose, he started a career as a DJ at WayFM. His most recent accomplishments include being featured on the 2008 Creation Festival Tour and on Pillar’s 2009 Confessions Tour. His single, “Woah” reached #1 for multiple weeks on Hype Radio Network. Moss’ next endeavors include a slot on the Modern Day Heroes Tour with Group 1 Crew and KJ-52 this spring, and a new full-length record.