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More site news (the podcast arrives....)

Well, we have a rough version of the first-ever podcast up and running. Dan's hosting, producing and directing it. Apparently he also wrote the screenplay and comprises the entire street team.

He's working to finalize it, and then we'll make it public. STAY TUNED, folks. It's great stuff.

Site news tidbit no. 2: inReview now has a bunch of new editors. Here are the names of our new department heads. They're the folks you'll be dealing with if you want to submit a review, news item, feature or other piece of writing to the website.

Hollie Stewart: Editor-in-Chief and Worship Editor

Kim Flanders: Features Editor

Matt Durlin: News Editor

Bert Gangl: Modern Rock Editor

Mike Postma: Hard Rock Editor

Ben Forrest (me): Interim Hip-Hop Editor

We're also looking for new writers. If you'd like to be part of our team, or just contribute the occasional piece of writing, please e-mail me here. Please send along a sample article of the type you would like to contribute to the website.

(If you want to write reviews, send us a review. It should be an in-depth piece, 500-700 words, considering both the quality of the music and the quality and meaning of the lyrics.

If you want to write features, send us links to past work or just e-mail one of the articles you've written in the past.)

We can't pay you, but there's a chance we can get you some free CDs.

There's more site news to come, but I'm reluctant to post it. We'll see.