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It's a small, big little world we live in...

Apparently there is now something called "Gospel Music Association Canada" -- a new international affiliate of the American GMA. Being as I'm Canadian and have dabbled in Christian music journalism, you'd think I would know this. I did not.

I jumped over to the GMAC website today, however, and happened across this sentence: "Starfield and Ali Matthews led the list of winners as GMA Canada presented the 28th Annual Covenant Awards October 27th in Calgary."

"So what?" you say. "Starfield and some chick I've never heard of cleaned up at an award show I don't care about, and where's Calgary, anyway?"

Well, I just happen to know Ali. Her husband Jon was the youth pastor at my church for a few of my high school years. She used to perform her stuff at church and social events, and she was good -- but I never thought she'd take off like this.

Any way, if you at all like country, folk or roots music, go buy her CDs. Support people who know me (!) 

Maybe someday I'll interview Ali. Her musical style doesn't really fit with this website, but maybe I'll write about her for somebody else.

Anyway, it's late and I need to get up for church tomorrow. Be blessed, and visit