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Updates, downdates and other words that either don't make sense or don't exist

Apologies for the lack of updates lately. Real life unfortunately gets in the way of what we really want to do here at inReview. I personally am still in college and entering exam season. The rest of our writers all have day jobs and limited time and energy.

Here's a bit of a teaser, however. Our Features Editor, Kim Flanders has been working on a year-end ditty that includes content from a number of big-name music folks and journalists.

Kevin Max will make an appearance, as will members of The Myriad and Everyday Sunday. Pillar is a possibility. Doug Van Pelt of HM magazine is in the fold, and we're hopeful about Sev Statik, Sarah Kelly, Ayiesha Woods, L.A. Symphony and a host of other notables.

We hope you check the site at least once a day, but be sure to check regularly around the end of December/beginning of January. This is something you won't want to miss.