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DAY TWO: HOUSTON TEXAS/ The Music Re-Builds Tour


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 The original venue was the Cynthia Woods amphitheater.  All of the MBT shows were set in outdoor arena type venues.  Due to Hurricane IKE, there was a last minute venue change.  There were a lot of last minute changes making this show one of the special evenings of the tour.  First, instead of rising money for Habit for Humanity, ALL proceeds for this show went to rebuilding the Houston/Galveston area.  This show was broadcast live on KSBJ and filmed for later TV viewing audience.  RED had turned things down a bit.  My seats for this show were front row, and since it was indoor arena the seats were closer to the stage than the ones for Dallas.  


During the show Tai Anderson began to give his, bass-player-with-a-mic routine that he starts off with, “Earlier this year we had the chance to tour Iraq.”  Only tonight it too was different.  No sooner had he gotten the words out, he was given (what the band later has stated as) the longest standing ovation of the tour!  It was very moving, to witness the gratitude of the crowd towards the men and women of the armed services, no matter what side of the election you are on.   


This show had the largest amount of Gomers than any other on the entire tour.  Gomers are THE main reason I attend so many Third Day shows each year.  As a member of the Third Day “Wired” club, I got backstage passes for the meet & greet.  As it turns out it was more about meeting up with fellow Gomers than spending time with the band members.  Occasionally they would interject into our conversations, as if we would/could leave them out!  



Again I ended up being one of the first to get to the venue, and one of the last to leave.  (Hence the Gomer motto:  Come early, stay late & WEAR ORANGE!)  Of all three days of living-like-a-rock-star this was my favorite!  Seeing old friends makes for time well spent!  I got to sleep in my own bed this evening for another whopping 4 hours then…Off to San Antonio!!!