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Music Builds day one: Dallas Texas

All and all were just another brick in the wall…

The Music Builds Tour has rolled across America laying the foundation & building awareness for Habit for Humanity.  I joined the “tour” with a handful of my favorite people, the Third Day Gomers for what we dubbed the “Texas Trio.”

They say everything’s bigger in Texas.  Not sure if that’s entirely true, but having seen the MBT in Nashville in April I can yesly tell you that Texas was a rocking set of shows.

Late planes and Dallas traffic almost foiled the pre-show kick off party for us.  But in true Gomer style we focused on what was the most important thing to us, each other.  Yes there was this little thing called a concert but what was most important was that we were seeing each other for the first time in YEARS.  For some it hadn’t been that long, for others it was a first “in person” meeting.  (We live together online at  I love this community of people.  There is nothing that we wouldn’t do for each other… *single tear drop*… OK in all seriousness, we always make fun when we get together.


[img_assist|nid=821|title=Music Builds Dallas post show|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=519|height=241]For the concert? Oh yeah, the concert.  My seats started off on row 2 stage left.  RED was too loud.  There is no other way to describe them.  I like their music on CD.  But live? My ears were literally hurting, and I had ear plugs in.  WAY TOO LOUD RED.  (and NO I’m NOT TOO OLD!)    Jars of Clay is hit-or-miss with the audience response.  Their stage show is very good.  I love the all white outfits.  It was strange to see how the crowd in one city sat with arms folded while the next city rocked…the set/delivery was exactly the same.  One of those things that make you go, hummm.   Switchfoot delivered a great show.  Its always a crowd pleaser when Jon Forman jumps off the stage and runs through the crowd.  Security nightmare I’m sure, but good theatrics.  Due to the sound ordinances each band cut their show a little shorter so we didn’t get the same set each night.  By the time Third Day took the stage, the “Friends of the Foot” had cleared out to go to their meet & greet with the band so I was able to get front row.  Its always fun to have Third Day say something about their psycho fans (as Mac has so lovingly dubbed us).    After a short but rocking set we all headed back stage for some face time with the guys.  It was nice to see the wives there interacting with the fans as well.  They’re always a treat.  After the show back out to eat with the Gomers.  Surprisingly not at Waffle House either!   Then off to the hotel for the first night of 4 hours of sleep.  God its great to live like a rock star!!!