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GMA-Day One

Day one was an adventure in true JantRN fashion.  I started the day with a "blue light" special.  I did, however get to meet one of Friendswood, TX's finest.  Made it to the airport and on da-plane without much else hindering the trip.

Touch down brings me round to car rental company.  My epic dream of free upgrades and cushy cars that I am accustomed to when using did NOT pan out for my Southwest booked car rental.  We end up with a bright red Ford Focus, four adults plus luggage turned out to be an EPIC FAIL!  I left two at the airport while we drove out to Brentwood to our two bedroom condo rental for the week.

Had that been the end of the airport story it would be eventful enough but my @LLCoolChance spotted Mute Math strolling through (and yes I have trained him well!) he approached and made contact...very apprepo for the evening kick off.

Day one ended with a parking lot Mute Math concert (clips on my channel soon!)  All in all a great of pre-GMA.

[img_assist|nid=869|title=Mute Math|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=242|height=182]