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GMA Day Two

Day two: First official day of GMA sponsored events.  Having snagged an invite to the Jars of Clay/ CAA luncheon, I was very excited.  I LOVE Jars of Clay!  We got an acoustic listen at Long Fall Back to Earth and a copy of the CD.  The CD hits stores on Tuesday and from my early listen, it is living up to its hype.  They are, to me the deepest lyrical band in Christian music hands down!  This CD, about relationships, promises to be as deeply layered as relationships themselves are.  I promise a review (if one of my fellow inReview staff doesn't get it done before I do!) as soon as I return home.

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Next up, off to Station Inn! I would come to GMA week every year just for this one event, even if there were nothing else available.  Mike Farris does a "Sunday night Shout" that is a mix of bluesy-jazz-old-time-southern-comfort-gospel/big-tent-revival music.  Listening to his CD's is not a huge past time of mine, in fact I don't even own one.  But there is that video of me on HIS U-Tube channel that is the only one he has listed as a favorite that he is not actully appearing in. After an incredible show, I meekly (haha) approach him and revel that I'm the singer in that video.  His response? "Wow, that's you?... We've been looking for you!"   I believe that the Sunday Night Shout is a weekly event at the Station Inn, so if your ever in Nashville, look it up& check it out, and tell Mike I sent you!

After closing time at Station Inn it was off to 12th& Porter.  If you like the edgier side of Christian music and your comfortable being surrounded by people sporting body piercings and multi-colored hair, 12th&Porter is your GMA hot-spot.  While most of the bands you have never heard of (outside GMA week..unless your lucky enough to live outside the "Family Friendly" radio control).  One of my new GMA favs has got to be Children 18:3.  I got to see them last year, and it was good to see some of the growth from then to now.  Day three is just beginning, and I am about to hit the swag tables... but I promise to update you (either here or twitter ;-) Love ya all and wish you were here!!