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GMA MP3 Give-Away contest

Day four didn't have much in store for this weary GMA traveler.  The majority of the day was spent standing and staring, mixed with a little sitting and staring.  There weren't a plethora of showcases this year, and over all attendance was down by 25% (according to the official reports.)  The evening found me meandering over to Rocketown to catch another performance by The Listening.  I had not heard/seen many of the bands that were performing that evening, mainly because the rap genre is not one of my favorites and it is where a lot of these bands fall in the industry.  However, while there I did manage to win, via drawing, an MP3 player that, as promised on twitter, I plan on giving away right here on!

I've considered various was to make you work for it!  Ultimately what I've came up with is simply this:  Tell me which artist I've mentioned in this GMA blog is your favorite, and why.(Yes you can wait until after the final "Wrap up/post Doves" post to do so.)  Easy enough I'd say.  I will load this MP3 player with The Listening's self titled CD.  Post your entrys as a comment on any of my GMA blogs to enter.  The contest will be open for two weeks.  Keep checking back to to check out your competition.  Multiple entry's are allowed.  Good luck!

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