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On the Third Day...God Created Vegetation

On the third day God created vegetation.  On the third day of GMA there is no time to sit and veg. The day, while uneventful ended with a big-bang at the JesusFreakHideout showcase at 12th and Porter.  I know, Jesusfreakhideout is a "competitor" of inReview but nevertheless the showcase was packed full of great performances by Danyue, Abandoned, The Listening, Remedy Drive and Seabird Music.

One of the biggest benefits of these showcases is discovering artist that you may have never gotten the opportunity to see outside of the freedom of GMA week.  I am not one to jump on every bands wagon in town, but at tonight's show I found myself looking for the hitch to The Listening.  They completely captivated me with their live show.  I have a copy of their CD that I am dying to listen too...when there is less chatter and distractions.

Remedy Drives' set made me SOOOOO glad that I voted for them for New Artist of the Year!!  They have one of the most energetic shows in town.  As an RN I have to wonder how many years they can keep up those physical stunts.  To their credit, when the stunts fade, the music will stand on its own.  Off to bed with half the week behind me.  This week does seem to fly by! Up tomorrow?  Boot shopping on the strip then The Listening again at Rocketown for a longer set.

[img_assist|nid=873|title=Remedy Drive|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=180|height=135]