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My local "Christian" retailer

So today is the release of the long anticipated Leeland CD. I have had a pre-release copy since I was introduced to the band at GMA week in April. But since then, I have been promoting this new band from TX using my own little street team. Me. It helps to be a youth group leader. Stick the kids in my car, hit play, and introduce them to some good new music. Experiencing good new music is so rare these days. But I digress...

I received the sales flyer for my local retailer about 2 weeks ago. My eyes clicked on the price for Sound of Melodies. $6.97. Ok, my first thought was how the low price will increase sales and make the record label happy while filling my inbox with news of a huge first week. Then I remembered all of the people I have on my Christmas list. Yes, if you are reading this and you are on my Christmas list, guess what may be included in your package??

I had plans to stop by the store after work. After all, I still get some excitement going to the store and physically buying a CD on the release date. But a friend who heard my pre-release and put this date on her calendar to buy the disc had emailed me to say that the store was out of Leeland CD's.

What? Not again! Ugh. I have lost count how many times this has happened. Why do I continue to hope this time will be different? If I had pre-paid for the discs, I would have them in hand right now. Ya well, then again, the last time I pre-paid for a disc, there was a UPS strike and the boxes of CD's had not arrived by the release date, So apparently that is not the best option, either.

When I called the retailer, I asked why, if they are selling a CD for $6.97, did they not order more copies? "Because we did not know how big this band was going to be."

Hello? Where have you been?

Ok, maybe I am abnormal. I read a ton about music whether online, through press releases, or via periodicals. (As a matter of fact, I sometimes anwser customer questions at my local retailer when no one else can answer.) And I guess I saw the name Leeland pop up quite a bit. As for me, while I won't say they are the next best thing since sliced bread, they are a refreshing change to much of the so so new music that hits my desk.

I have two options. Perhaps I could try both. One - forget going to the store and just buy all CD's online. Two - apply to be the music buyer at my local Christian retailer.