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Switching off Switchfoot?

I am what many consider a huge fan of Switchfoot. And to be clear, I did not join the bandwagon when The Beautiful Letdown was released in 2003. I have enjoyed the surfer dude's music from the very first time I saw them live in 1997. Friends first began to describe me as a fan about the time I first talked with the guys at length in 2000. And if you ask the likes of Katers, Sharon, JohnnyUps, or gotswitchfoot? (among others - sorry I can't name you all) from the Switchfoot message boards, you will discover that I have been backing Switchfoot since before the memorable brown message boards.

Wait. You don't know about the brown message boards? Ah, this simply means that I have been a fan longer than you.

Ah, but let's move on to the reason for my blog today. As a fan of Switchfoot, I was not sure if I wanted the opportunity to hear Oh! Gravity before everybody else, or if I simply desired to wait until the December 26th release date to experience the latest from Jon Foreman and clan. After all, shouldn't I delay my listening so I could sit online with all my Switchboarder friends and discuss first impressions of each song together?

After much contemplation, I chose to take the early listen option. And, as a result of my listen, a review of the disc shall be forthcoming. But alas, I have chosen to hold off the answer to the subject line of this blog. You will just have to come back again to obtain the results of my listen.