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Creation Fest Day Four

[img_assist|nid=443|title=Traffic Control Volunteer|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=115|height=171]Safety.

When I walked backstage in the morning, I noticed a backhoe bringing in stone to place in muddy walk areas. That same backhoe must have traveled throughout the grounds overnight because I noted clean stone in various locations during my walk from the campsite.

People sacrificed sleep in order to provide a safer environment. Over the years many have asked me how certain people obtain an all access pass. Usually these same people have this idea that an all access pass implies meeting the artists and hanging out in air conditioned trailers. I respond with, “Are you willing to work all day, lose sleep, and miss all the bands and speakers?” Most people walk away with no response.

I have had a different perspective on the Creation fest since I began to volunteer each year. Last evening during my shift I spoke with several “newbie” stage security volunteers who found a new appreciation for what it takes to put on such an endeavor. This year I have paid more attention to the traffic control volunteers dealing with crowds who at times don’t li[img_assist|nid=444|title=Trevor of TFK|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=116|height=171]sten when they say, “Please stop a bus is coming” at the crosswalk. It takes a lot to control many thousand people as they walk and drive throughout the grounds.

Friday was a day of wandering for me. Since my shift did not begin until 8:00 PM, I had time to check out press conferences with Storyside B, Casting Crowns, TobyMac and Superchic[k]. It was interesting as the media inquired more about dealing with youth at the Casting Crowns press conference than with the new album to be released later this year. Similarly, TobyMac answered more questions about working with a record label than his most recent release. Watch out in the coming weeks as we post various snippets from the press conferences.[img_assist|nid=445|title=Matt of Superchick|desc=|link=none|align=right|width=116|height=174]

I took a walk in the afternoon just to take pictures of the various patchwork “quilts” around the farm. Quilts comprised of tarps laying in the main arena. Clothesline quilts made of blankets and towels drying in the afternoon sun. And quilts built of tents and campers. The views are ever changing as you walk either up a hill or down a hill. I also wandered between the Fringe stage and the Main stage throughout the afternoon. It was the first time I had to make decisions between bands. The Afters, Thousand Foot Krutch and Leeland on the Main Stage. Emery and Superchic[k] on the Fringe Stage. An interesting moment of the day was walking from taking pictures of Thousand Foot Krutch while the Emery fans ran from the Fringe stage to catch TFK.[img_assist|nid=447|title=Toby Mac is back|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=137|height=201]

In my wanderings, I also took pictures of Grits on the Main stage as they worked the crowd trying to get everyone involved. It is sometimes hard for artists to have the 2:00 PM slot on the Main Stage because it is approaching the hottest time of the day.After a relaxing afternoon of wanderings, I was prepared for my stage security shift. The last shift of the day is always the hardest because the activity backstage is always increased. The popularity of the closing acts often brings fans to the backstage fence. Today was no exception.

Everything calmed down when the Candle lighting service began. Casting Crowns led the audience in worship as candles were passed out and then lit one by one up the hillside. I cannot explain what an amazing experience it is to be a part of this each year. I enjoy seeing the look of awe in the face of people[img_assist|nid=446|title=Leeland|desc=|link=none|align=right|width=213|height=146] who experienced the candle lighting for the first time. This year some of the Main stage artists fit that bill.

I walked away from the Main stage close to 1:00 AM as the stage crew were unloading and erecting the Newsboys set. Once again, many people were sacrificing sleep in order to keep the festival moving. I hope some of them get to see the fruits of their labor. Newsboys will close the fest this year, a spot often held by Audio Adrenaline in recent years.