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Creation Fest Day One

[img_assist|nid=430|title=Village at Creation|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=126|height=184]Sweat and dirt.

Setting up the campsite at Creation is a good way to submerge oneself into what will become normal by the end of the week. Experiencing the sweat of a humid summer afternoon is not always the norm here at Agape Farm in Pennsylvania. But it is common. Today was a prime example. Add the dust and dirt flying off the myriad of roads and paths, and you will know you have made it to Creation East.

Coming into the gates was smooth this year, thanks in part to the wonders of itickets. And I must not forget the wonderful Creation volunteers working gates and traffic!

I'd say this year was perhaps the fastest time ever for getting through the gates and arranging our mini village otherwise known as campsite C06b. Fifty people of various ages and backgrounds came together to put together tents, canopies and campers throughout the afternoon. We even had room on our allotted camp space for a volleyball net.

Most of the people I am camping with this year I have only known through emails and phone calls. Finally at dinner time, we were all able to stop work, eat, and officially meet. That is one aspect of such a festival that I always enjoy - meeting new people.

After dinner, the youth of our group played a Creation favorite - bigger and better. One group started with a clothes pin and traded up to a case of soda. I am not sure why another group of festival attendees gave up so much soda, but the youth in our group enjoyed the game and the soda.

You see, on Tuesday of Creation week, not much is happening. The fest officially begins on Wednesday evening. But in order to get 60,000 or so people into the camping areas, many come in on Tuesday.

I am not sure what my group will do tomorrow to keep occupied. Though I am sure more merch outlets will open up. Right now, most of them are at the music store, perhaps spending all their cash on the first night. As for me, I will begin the real work tomorrow as a Creation volunteer after a couple of meetings. But I am most looking forward to seeing Switchfoot again.

See you tomorrow!