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Creation Fest Day Three

[img_assist|nid=437|title=Family Force 5|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=144|height=212]Rain.

Regular festival attendees like myself know that it is rare to experience Creation East without some rain. But right now, my fellow villagers are working out how to dry off belongings that are wet and keep the rest dry. Sleeping arrangements have been changed due to leaky wet tents. Scattered showers dampened the evening.

Thursday is the first full day of the festival and full it was. I was awakened in the morning by what is called the Land Rush. At something like 5:00 AM, people, tarps and blankets in hand, wait at the end of the Main stage arena to stake their claim for the day. If you rush the area before called, you will be told to wait a half an hour before placing your tarp down. I went back to sleep after hearing the loud screams wafting from the arena. I have never experienced the Land Rush myself. Good thing others in my campsite are willing. I am not much of a morning person.

I crawled down to the Main stage area about 9:30 AM to check out the press[img_assist|nid=438|title=Family Force 5|desc=|link=none|align=right|width=236|height=163] conference schedule. Then I ventured past the stage area for the first time. I decided to check out the merch area. Or as my one friend called it - the marketplace. Some may consider it a mini mall. I could not get into the area right away as the security people were only allowing a few to enter at a time as other people left. As I walked by the band merchandise, I noted that Switchfoot had the largest crowd waiting to make a purchase. That, of course, made me smile.

The rain had not begun by that time, and the sun peeked out throughout the day. Rain is often welcome during a hot summer afternoon here, especially at the Fringe Stage where people pack up against the barricade. Often Fringe Stage music fans stay up there all afternoon. The stage opened at noon with another amazing set by Family Force 5. Any chance you have to see Family Force 5 live, take it.[img_assist|nid=440|title=Joshua Brown of Day of Fire|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=225|height=153]

I ran between the Fringe and Main stages throughout the early afternoon so I could catch a bit of KJ-52, Disciple, Fireflight and Day of Fire. Mix in a trip to the Press tent where Disciple had been tentatively scheduled, but a new act Britt Nicole filled in the time slot. Later, I wanted to sit in on David Crowder, but as soon as the press was all gathered it was announced that he had just arrived on site so the conference was to be rescheduled.

The Fringe Stage schedule ended with Project 86 and Pillar over the dinner hour. I missed the latter two since my Main stage security shift began a4 4:00 PM. The periodic rain began about this time, and between sound checks on the Main stage I heard the rumble of Project and Pillar off in the distance. I pondered, “Those people probably don’t mind the rain right now.”

Word came around quickly that another wind and hailstorm was headed our way. When Ayiesha Woods started the evening music on the Main stage, I felt a sigh of relief that the storm broke up before arriving on site. Although the rain did come down, often hard at times. Some people ran for cover, others took it in stride. David Crowder and Third Day closed the evening, with Third Day sticking around for the Communion service, an annual Thursday at Creation occurrence.[img_assist|nid=439|title=Third Day rocks Main Stage|desc=|link=none|align=right|width=193|height=130]

I ventured back to the campsite with the majority of the crowd. My fellow stage security worker stuck around for the Late Night Café where the blues music of Jimmie Bratcher was on deck. I heard the sound check and wished that I had enough energy to stay. Yet back in my camper, I could actually hear the music, especially the bass line. It sounded pleasing to my ears. Though it was late, I’ll bet even the campers staying right behind the tent where the Late Night Café is held did not mind.