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Give DecemberRadio a chance

Yes, we admit, the album reviews here at inReview have been lacking lately. We hope that will change soon. It is not because the albums have stopped coming to our door. No, in fact the pile continues to grow.

When a new band comes out with their debut release, I have noticed that I am not as eager as I used to be to open up the disc and put it in my player for a spin. Jaded may be a word I have used to describe myself in recent months. Sometimes, it just seems each disc sounds exactly the same as the other. Sometimes there is nothing that catches the attention of my ears. Perhaps the lyrics don't capture my attention.

I remember when the DecembeRadio disc hit the 12 CD changer in my car. It is conceivable that my mind was elsewhere. I do not recall the specifics. Yet I do know that, while I liked the music, to me it seemed same old same old. That was my experience.

Enter the live encounter. A couple of weeks ago, I worked at a show where DecembeRadio opened up for Superchic[k]. When the first stanza of their live set fell onto my ears, I suddenly had a different view of these guys. My jaw dropped and I told my friend working merch, "These guys are amazing live!" That mindset continued until they left the stage. I met the band at their merch table and told them my feelings.

I do not know what happened between that first listen in my car and the live event that changed my views of this new band. But I will add this to my ever-growing list of, "I like them better live than recorded."

Give Decemberadio a chance. It's good old fashioned rock and roll!