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Creation Fest Day Five

[img_assist|nid=449|title=Fringe Stage|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=222|height=152]Blisters.

By the last day of Creation, my feet are full of blisters. Walking up and down hills, on stones, mud and lawn for five days causes blisters of varying sizes and shapes. I used to keep it under control with a certain pair of sandals. Unfortunately, said sandals died two years ago while at Creation. But even the pain in my feet won’t stop me from enjoying the event.

I left for the Main stage late this morning – about 11:00 AM. With the exception of a small trip back to the “village” in the evening, I spent all day between the Main and Fringe stages and ventured back for the night during the Newsboys set at about 11:00 PM.
[img_assist|nid=450|title=House of Heroes|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=223|height=156]
The press tent was the first stop before reporting for duty on the noon to 4:30 PM shift for Main stage security. This time slot is often the slowest as not much happens after 2:00 PM on stage except sound checks. A little over halfway over, I stood on the ramp leading to the stage. Nothing was stirring in the backstage area known as the compound. Then within the next half hour or so, Kutless, Starfield, and BarlowGirl arrived, all running around talking with one another while their road managers signed in and obtaine[img_assist|nid=451|title=Matt of Sanctus Real|desc=|link=none|align=right|width=149|height=219]d passes.

Sometimes the hardest part of working back there is the fans. This year was not too bad, yet we were all awaiting the arrival of the members of the Newsboys. It was not hard to know when they arrived. Here was the one time I wished I had permission to use a camera backstage. The Newsboys came in on matching motorcycles. Many festival attendees assumed that since the bus was there all day, the band members were also on site. In the end, after expecting fans to be waiting all day at the backstage fence, only a handful stood by waiting for an autograph or a chance to high five the band.

During my shift, I caught House of Heroes on the Main stage. Since I was in the middle rotating my[img_assist|nid=452|title=Flylreaf|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=254|height=174] crew when House of Heroes took the stage, I missed a portion of the set. As my shift ended, I heard the sound of Sanctus Real wafting from the Fringe stage. I walked over and caught some of the set and was able to chat with the guys a bit as they were collecting equipment.

When I checked back in the Press tent after Sanctus Real, I noted John Reuben was about to enter for a Press conference, so I decided to sit for a bit. It was the only conference I was able to attend. John was asked a lot of questions related to the future of music, in particular hip-hop.
[img_assist|nid=453|title=Jon Micah of Kutless|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=153|height=226]
I eagerly awaited Flyleaf who closed the Fringe Stage with a bang. The set was amazing. Apparently many that live here in my village agreed. Later on I bumped into a friend who heard some new music from Flyleaf and reported that the next album is going to be great.
Kutless and Newsboys closed the Main Stage and the event. I took pictures of both before coming back to my village to listen to the remainder of Newsboys on the radio. Each year Creation Radio takes over 88.3 FM during the fest. The Main stage bands and speakers are aired each day, with music, weather reports and other info when the Main stage is down.

Speaking of pictures, once I arrive home, I will share some pictures here so come back again soon and thanks for coming along with me to the fest.