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Christmas Gift Idea for Mom

As I have said in the past, a lot of musc that passes through the desks at inReview is not what we believe fits into the music library of our readers. So when the "Songs 4 Ever" 10 CD music came our way recently, I exclaimed, "Perhaps this one would be a great Christmas gift for someone's mother!"

"Songs 4 Ever" is the latest output from TimeLife. And, if you are like me who turns off infomercials, you may not be aware of this musical comprehensive package. Thirty years in the making, the 150 songs put together combine CCM hits with Praise and Worship songs. The artist roster includes early CCM pioneers Larry Norman and Keith Green and stretches to modern day favorites Casting Crowns and tobyMac.

The package is available online at The price actually includes 9 CD's and one free CD. What a bargain! (A bit of sarcasm there... one free, huh?) If the cost is too steep, combine with your siblings. Or, choose from another collection from TimeLife.

Yes, I know, this offering is just another idea to take buyers away from the WOW CD market. As for me, I plan to check out the X2008 CD as well as the latest DVD compilation from Tooth and Nail. As for WOW, I just purchased the latest on sale as a gift for someone this Christmas.