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One look at a GMA showcase

[img_assist|nid=707|title=|desc=|link=none|align=right|width=174|height=254]Live music at GMA Music week is in abundance each year. Record label showcases, songwriter events, evenings of worship, and more grace the ballrooms of the hotels and clubs big and small all around Nashville. I learned from my first time at GMA week not to ignore all of the postcards and flyers being handed out around town, otherwise you may miss a good showcase. While many showcases are listed online and in the GMA materials, many are not.

With two reporters representing inReview this year, we still could not make it to all of the evening showcases. So we are excited to have Gomer (aka Third Day Fan) JanetRN to offer her thoughts on one of those showcases at BB Kings not advertised. (Photo credit: Corrine Johnson aka Mama Gomer.)


There are times in life when music moves you and then there are times when you are compelled to move to the music. Through the technical difficulties and long stage turnovers that define GMA showcases, DecembeRadio provided a chance to shake off the fatigue associated with long periods of sitting uncomfortably waiting to be entertained.With a set list that included old school rock and roll (“Carry on my Wayward Son”) and some new unreleased material (“Gasoline”), the band produced a polished true rock experience that moved even the tough GMA crowd out of their seats. This band proved to be the crowds favorite of the night judging on the way they cleared the room after the set finished, or was that just because of the prior technical difficulties that pushed the show one hour behind schedule.

We will never know, but you can know for sure that DecembeRadio has a place in today’s Christian rock scene that will find you waiting on more from the band. Check out their website for dates near you and don’t miss the chance to see these guys.