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Creation Festival (Saturday morning)

[img_assist|nid=759|title=Ruth rocks the Fringe Stage|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=169|height=248]I thought I would pop in here to share a few thoughts.  It’s Saturday morning, and although I am moving, I am not sure if I am quite awake yet.  I have been told there is some sort of glaze about me, which is traditional on the last day of Creation.

Rather than running down to the main stage for the morning worship and speakers, I decided to sit in my car, check the weather reports, and write something here.    My car is tuned to Creation radio, currently a live feed of Worth Dying For from the main stage.  The weather is calling for the potential of severe storms.  In some ways that is good because the rain helps to cool things down for a bit.  Right now there is a bit of a breeze running through my car windows.

As Brandon posted yesterday, Amy Grant came to the fest as part of the 30th anniversary.  She was listed as a “special guest” in the program.  Nobody was [img_assist|nid=760|title=TFK rules the Main Stage|desc=|link=none|align=right|width=234|height=171]told who the special guest was to be.  In fact, I worked backstage all afternoon, and my guess was not confirmed until just before she arrived.

There were several clues that led me to thinking Amy was the mystery musician.  First clue – there was a large merch booth for her.  Second clue – she was part of the very first candle lighting ceremony at Creation, now held on Friday night each year since.  But what I enjoyed most was the speculation that I heard throughout the day.  The top three guesses I heard was Michael W. Smith, DC Talk, and of course Amy Grant.

Amy had a short set with Hawk Nelson backing her up just before talking with the press about a song collaboration, among other things.  Later, she stood with Paul Baloche to lead worship for the candle lighting.  It was a fitting close to a great worship set from Chris Tomlin.  I had the privilege of standing on stage with other Creation staff.  It’s always one of those times that I w[img_assist|nid=758|title=The Myriad closed the Fringe Stage|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=234|height=157]ish I was permitted to take photographs from backstage.  Then again, it is hard to capture the entire experience in a still picture.

Today I hope to hang at the Fringe Stage for most of the afternoon, with Ruth, eleventyseven, Fireflight, and The Myriad on the list.  I’ll also be running over to the main stage to check out Washington Projects and Thousand Foot Krutch.  Come back in a couple of days for pics.