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Limbs and Branches released today

Just under a week after his birthday, Jon Foreman’s Limbs and Branches released today to digital and retail outlets.  The compilation of the most popular songs of his four solo EP’s (as voted on his website with input from Jon) contains twelve songs, with two new songs not released on the EP’s.

Being a follower of Jon’s lyrics, either as a solo artist or writing for the band Switchfoot, I understand the relevance of his birthday.  I had a burning question to ask him, and finally had the chance.  It was about a year ago at a Q&A session with fans at a coffeehouse “after show” in Shippensburg, Pennsylvania that I asked Jon if he writes a song on every birthday.  

“I write songs when I am depressed. Certain moments of time, or moments when you pass like a milestone, you think about life.  It causes you to think about your whole life, instead of the simple task that you have ahead of you every day, like, ‘Oh I have got to do my homework.’  Instead it’s like, ‘I have got to live my life well.’  And those are the moments I think are represented by birthdays, by a new year, or by some sort of passage of time that you pass a road sign and are reminded of the fact that life is short.  Yeah, I think I do write songs on birthdays.”

Jon is currently busily working with Switchfoot in the studio on the next album, rumored to be released next Spring.