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"Wow, what was that?"

"Who is this?" was the first thing that came through my head upon hearing a few short seconds of music after getting into my car and turning on my XM Radio.  In just a small amount of time, I heard notes and instruments put together in such a way that led me to say, "This is amazing!"  I eagerly awaited more information to display on my screen.  (Yes, I am often spoiled by my satellite radio that indicates the band and song title.) 

Anberlin.  "Oh.  Of course!  I should have known!"  Within seconds, the tune was more familiar.  "Feel Good Drag" is the single in rotation now.  It put a smile on my face as I pumped up the volume and continued my drive down the street. 

Yes, Anberlin does put out some great music, and was recently added to my. "I'll buy the new CD even if I haven't yet heard any music from the disc" list.  New Surrender was released by Universal Republic on September 30th of this year.  And the disc was added to my collection the same week.  It did not disappoint.  Sure, sometimes that sort of impulse purchase could end in disaster.  And nowadays there are many opportunities to hear song clips or even full length songs before putting the money out.  But in this case, the release date crept up so fast that I ran out of time to have a listen.  And, after all, I wanted to help first week sales!

So while the Florida natives are sharing their tunes in the UK, I was pondering my history with their music.  Four years ago or so, after hearing them live aa handful of times as openers to the bands I came to see, I recall singing along and saying, "Ya know?  He has a nice voice.  And the music is pretty good."  That was before I owned any Anberlin music.  Now, all five full length discs later, I consider myself a fan.  Having seen them live more often in the early years than in recent years, I was amazed at their set at the Warped Tour date in Camden, NJ.  They owned the stage.  It was amazing.

Anberlin will be taking Between the Trees with them to Canada and the US early next year.  Perhaps I will have to make it a point to check them out.