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The next step of the Jon Foreman journey

When Jon Foreman's Limbs and Branches pre-release came across my path several weeks ago, I pondered how such well thought out EP's could be transformed into a trimmed "best of" type of disc.   I theorized that this was just another attempt at record labels to make more money.  Of course, many a Switchfoot fan like myself will be hopping to their chosen retail outlet to purchase another Jon Foreman solo album, I thought.  Ah, but the two new songs added to the ten specially selected songs from the EP's will certainly draw out more people as well.  But will the music evoke the same feelings and emotion as listening to Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer in a row?

As I listened for the first time, many a lyric brought me back to a crowded coffeehouse or damp alley where I first heard the songs.  But the flow did not simulate the same voyage through the seasons as was so apty described in Annie's review?  Then it hit me.  Maybe there are others out there who have not journeyed through the seasons such as I have.  Perhaps this might be an acceptable collection for those not as avid a fan as I am, despite the fact that something is lost in the translation.  So, it is with pleasure that I pass the baton to Bert to provide you with a different view, a another limb off the same tree, if you will.

Stay tuned in the Reviews section for Bert's take on this latest Jon Foreman release.