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Fun interviews from GMA week in Nashville

Though Janet reported to us from GMA week this year, you won't find any artist interviews from her stint in Nash-vegas.  In lieu of our own discussions with the bands, we'd like to direct your attention to one of our favorite radio stations, RadioU.  

Last week I finally checked out The R!ot archived interviews with Nikki and Obadiah including Thousand Foot Krutch (or was it FM Static?), Jeremy Camp, KJ-52, Run Kid Run, and more.  Listen to the archives online to find out where Nikki and Obadiah want to stay next year, what two bands received $500 each in Taco Bell money, and who performs at motivational seminars on a regular basis, 

Radio interviews have a different flavor than printed intwrviews,  Even if you are not a fan of an artist or band, I recommend listening anyway.  Then again maybe I soak it all in because I often wish I could do these interviews and save on transcription time!  The only sad part about the R!ot in Nashville this year is it appears they did not have their prominent location in the hotel lobby.  Instead, the make-shift studio was in one of the hotel suites.