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My take on the new Newsboys

Maybe I will come out with a different[img_assist|nid=2127|title=Newsboys or dc Talk?|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=239|height=163] feeling next week after seeing the Newsboys at the Winter Jam Spectacular.  But as I look back to my first experience seeing former dc Talk member Michael Tait as lead singer of the Newsboys was … interesting.

I was at Uprise Festival in Chambersburg, PA which happened to be, as I understand it, the first time Peter Furler was not at the helm.  Though the transition was announced earlier in the year, apparently several summer festival promoters wanted Peter and not Michael.  So it was day after the last show with Peter.

I have often pondered how bands can switch lead singers, especially when there is a distinctive voice from either musician.  I’d been thinking for months what the Newsboys would sound like with a different sound up front.  Sure, I remember that another voice was up there, but at least he was from the same country.  No more Australian accent with Michael Tait.

I was talking to some folks earlier who commented that Michael has a nice voice.  True.  But I still wondered how the whole band would sound overall.

So when they came on stage, I listened and watched eagerly.  One thing I had not thought about was how Mr. Tait might carry in some songs of the past.  Yes, the set might have been billed as the Newsboys meets dc Talk.  The crowd rejoiced and sang along to the songs.  I guess many there appreciated the change. 

As for me, I am still skeptical.  But at the same time, I have felt the Newsboys set seemed to sound the same for the past five or more years, despite being different songs.  So maybe the change is good.  I’ll let you know what I think after next week.