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The Grammy Awards via Twitter

Each year, the timing of the Grammy Awards aligns with the annual dinner at my church.  Sure, I suppose I could record the festivities.  But the likelihood that I would watch it later is slim.  I used to watch every music related awards ceremony available as a child, yet over the years I have lost interest.

Though when I opened up my Facebook account this morning, I noticed several status updates with comments on the event.  So I decided to go over to Twitter and read what folks had to say.  In some cases, I had to read several tweets from different people in order to pick up what had happened.  I then collected various tweets from friends, musicians, writers, and fellow inReview staff and in the end, almost felt as if I had watched it with them.

The following is the accumulation of tweets in chronological order.

kevinmax :Mgmt on the red carpet- don't try to act like you don't want to be there, that look has already been perfected by Eddie Vedder.

JesusNeedsNewPR: Lady Gaga is opening the show Poker Face, dressed in 1/8 of a Cinderella costume...

JanetRN: I think they gave that first award to Beyonce to keep Kenye off the stage when Taylor won... I'm just sayin'

andybarron: watching the grammys online. stephen colbert rules so much.

yousingiwrite: Wow solid Alanis Morisette cover of "You Oughta Know." One of the first CDs I ever bought. Loving her energy tonight

yousingiwrite: Emotional performance by Pink. Kind of miss her circus acts and flying across the audience

yousingiwrite: Wow. Guess I spoke too soon. There she goes!

LindsayG818: Pink is different. But I love her. She's isnt afraid to take risks & she doesnt care what you think. I want to be like that

hutchdaddy: Ima b turning off the grammys if this continues... yikes

JesusNeedsNewPR: Hey Black Eyed Peas! Have you ever heard the old saying that less is more? Guess not.

hutchdaddy: Ok there is some redemption here... Colbert and now Kings of Leon... you're getting back on my good side Grammys. Don't ruin it.

JanetRN: I may loose all of my cool points tonight... but I really like Taylor Swift... I don't know why but I do!

JesusNeedsNewPR: Jamie Foxx's performance was like Night At the Museum, The Musical

JesusNeedsNewPR: Alice Cooper is like what you'd get if you turned Katy Perry inside out...

ethanluck: Thanks to my DVR, I got to see the disaster that was Green Day.

LindsayG818: I'm not a huge fan, but that guy from the Zac Brown band is a guitar playing fool!

PastorSamme: Punk Country while Leon Russell channels ZZTop... Kewl

derekwebb: dude, is EVERY TAYLOR SWIFT about princes and princesses and fairytales? i'm done thinking she's good folks. cute? yes. good? NO

yousingiwrite: "It is a fairy tale and honor to share a stage with Stevie Nicks." - Taylor Swift

TheElmsOfficial: I'll give Taylor Swift $40 per note that she actually hits when singing live. I'd make some supplemental income! –OT

kevinmax: listen up Taylor- Stevie Nicks is teaching vocal lessons 101.

JesusNeedsNewPR: Wow. Only Taylor Swift could make Stevie Nicks sound bad...

LindsayG818: ok apparently Beyonce and Rihanna were the only ones that got the memo to bring their 3D glasses.

ethanluck: Ok, Slash...Do us all a favor and make up with Axl. You have lowered yourself to soloing over a Jamie Foxx song.

susieqccc: So apparently I am the only one of my twitter friends not watching the Grammy awards. Umm....poor me? Probably not.

modmark: Is bon jovi a country band?

derekwebb: jon, is that a leather PULLOVER shirt? this man is committed to rock and roll folks

hutchdaddy: Oh Sheryl Crow how I love thee... you should make an appearance on that stage with Bon Jovi... come on... make a grammy wish come true... ha

StephenDMason: I had no idea Kristen Dunst sang.

yousingiwrite: wondering...was Kanye not invited to the Grammy's after what happened at the VMA's?

derekwebb: i LIVE to live-tweet music award shows. such an easy target

StephenDMason: Yeah. Pink just entered the floor to be seated. I gave her a standing ovation for her Cirque-like act. She waved at ME. Yeah. Hurrah. Me.

yousingiwrite: Powerful performance by Mary J Blige and Andrew Bocelli singing "Bridge Over Troubled Water."

cdlowell: Umm, hi. I just got looked at by Beyonce.

derekwebb: this mcdonald's commercial is better than several of tonight's grammy performances

ethanluck: This Michael Jackson thing is kinda creepy, especially when you don't have 3-D glasses.

derekwebb: neil portnow sum up: we're awesome so STOP DOWNLOADING MUSIC, PIRATES

JanetRN: Translation... STOP STEALING MUSIC!!!!

PastorSamme: Free music ... $50 Tshirts?

morganlevy: Oh Grammy Awards, you always do bring out every person on the internet who thinks they are funnier than every other person on the internet.

macpowell: GREAT! DaveMatthewsBand performance!

yousingiwrite: Not gonna lie, Dave Matthews dancing is freaking me out a bit. Awesome performance though!

JesusNeedsNewPR: Is this Dave Matthews Band or the 1997 cast of Rent?

andybarron: funniest line of the night: 'and now, grammy award winner, ricky martin.'

derekwebb: ok, a brief pause. i love beyonce. no joke.

deliriousguy: As much as I kinda hate to admit it, a huge TV spectacle like the Grammys is amazing. Plus I learn whats popular these days. Bonus: Colbert!

matkearney: Maxwell!! Miss the fro... Still got it.

deliriousguy: That has to be pretty much the biggest and most amazing looking set I've ever seen!

JesusNeedsNewPR: In Memorium: Music

JesusNeedsNewPR: Lady Gaga looks like a misfit Jenga game...

derekwebb: why even put a mic in front of someone that's going to lip sync so poorly?

StephenDMason: Jeff Beck. Dear God.

cdlowell: Lady Gaga should make a freaky kids record. Gaga googoo.

hutchdaddy: Quentin... get off the stage... you're not helping this headache... ok i think i'm going to just switch the channel. yuck.

cameronstrang: Tarantino is officially nuts.

LindsayG818: when they bleep Lil Wayne it's like 15 seconds of nothing. Why cant they just bleep the phrase instead of the entire verse?

cdlowell: Not many bands performed- mostly artists. Interesting.

cameronstrang: So Pearl Jam won't record music videos, but they'll record a Target commercial?

yousingiwrite: Go Eminem go! Good to see he's back and still owns the stage

derekwebb: uh, i think that was literally 20 straight seconds of silence. what i heard of that was pretty cool

PastorSamme: well ... Half a song is better than none 

cameronstrang: It must be chilly in there. Lady Gaga has become an ice sculpture.

RebeccaCicione: best part of the Grammy's -the little boy with Rihanna and Jay-Z. Worst parts - "Blame It" and Taylor Swift...she's way better on radio...

derekwebb: taylor swift: "oh my gosh, am i alive?? am i a human?? this is AMAZING! is this AIR i'm breathing? seriously, y'all!!"

kevinmax: Gaga will conquer country music next......(with Bison Horns)

cameronstrang: Tune in to in the morning for our Grammy recap/rebuttal. :)

ethanluck: If I was sitting behind Lady GaGa, i'd be bummed.

LLCoolChance: Breaking News: Taylor Swift wins Nobel Peace Prize.

cdlowell: Agreed: most impressive, surprising, artistic performance goes to PINK.

jeredscott: How come none of my friends tweeting about the Grammys all night said anything about Pink's performance? That was pretty tight!

JesusNeedsNewPR: Wow. And for the record, tonight was the first awards show where I ended the evening with MORE followers than I started.

stephenanberlin: alright. not a fan of the music but PINK WAS RAD at the grammys. must admit i am totally totally impressed.