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Creation Festival Northeast "Awards"

Music festivals are often a highlight of each summer.  As music-a-holic who also craves warm weather and sunshine, what better way to spend a few vacation days each year.  I did not get a chance to blog from the fest, but soon after arriving home from Creation Northeast this year, I reflected on my experience.  Mind you - there is a lot more to Creation fest than music.  But this is what rolled out of my thoughts and is now about to fill this page.  If I had to give out awards this year, the following would be the results. 

Most underrated band:  DecemberRadio

It’s true that when I first heard DecemberRadio, they were added to my list as just another band.  But from the first time I saw them live, my view on them changed.  Even the sound check was amazing at the fest.  Wow.  Maybe I just like the classic rock sound, or great guitar riffs, but I walked away from their afternoon time slot and thought, “These guys are underrated!”

Band that should have been there: NeedToBreathe

A friend and I chatted about this a week or two before the fest.  She questioned why NeedToBreathe was not on the schedule for Creation Northeast.  (They did play at Creation Northwest.)  I answered with various possibilities, all of which were probably not correct.  Suffice it to say, however, that I hope they are booked for 2011.

New band worth looking into further:  Sleeping Giant 

I had not heard much about Sleeping Giant before wandering over to the Fringe Stage to catch some photos.  I am not a huge fan of metal and hardcore, but once in a while a band in that genre comes along that makes a good impression.  Sleeping Giant fit that bill.

Band I wish I had not missed: The Classic Crime

When Vagabonds was released earlier this year, I observed a lot of talk about it among friends on Facebook while The Classic Crime was on tour.  Seeing them on the schedule for the Fringe Stage ahead of the fest, I planned to catch some of the set.  But with so many other things going on, somehow I missed it.  Ah well, maybe next time.

Band I welcomed back: Switchfoot

Yes it is true that I might find any way to bring Switchfoot into the conversation.  But for real, I was happy that the California boys made it back to the schedule after a year break.  True, I’d rather see them in a more intimate setting, but who’s complaining?

Band I was happy to see in the “closing” spot: Skillet 

Not long ago I stood in the photo pit taking photos of Skillet during a hot less attended afternoon slot on the main stage.  For so many years it seemed that only a certain few bands made it into the coveted closing slot.  Now those bands are either not touring any more or perhaps less popular, leaving openings in the evenings.  I asked lead singer John Cooper earlier in the day how he felt about playing in such an important time frame.  He was honored.


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