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The Hometown Boy - Kyle Kupecky of Anthem Lights

[img_assist|nid=2962|title=Kyle Kupecky|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=503|height=640]Several years ago, friends of mine told me about a handsome young man with a wonderful voice.  This promising singer attended the same church as my cohorts, not far from where I live.  One friend once claimed that some day I would see his name with my work with music.

I soon forgot about that conversation. Then one day I was perusing the promo material that accompanied the self-titled debut album from Anthem Lights, released May 10th on Provident’s Reunion Records.  I came across the name Kyle Kupecky.  “Wait!” I thought.  “Isn’t Kyle that singer I kept hearing about?”  Sure enough, I confirmed with my friends that this was indeed the same person whom I had first heard of several years ago.  I was also made aware of a concert to be held at his home church during the same week of the album release.

While the pop/boy band nature of the music is not something to which I would normally pay much attention, I decided to check out their music anyway.  After all, this was the local boy!  While listening, I pondered whether or not a band would join the four melodic voices on tour, or if the foursome simply travels with recorded back-up music.

After about four of five spins of the disc, I decided to add the concert to my agenda that week.

The question was soon answered at the show when Kyle Kupecky entered the stage, along with Alan Powell, Chad Graham, and Caleb Grimm, who fill out the remaining members Anthem Lights.  Two musicians on guitar and a drummer added a live component to the concert.

The songs are catchy, in particular the album opener and first single, “Can’t Shut Up.”  This fact became evident when I noted myself singing along in my head while trying capturing photos of the high energy ensemble.  I hadn’t realized until that moment just how much of the music was captured into my head!

As the concert continued, I quickly realized that each of these four voices could easily stand out on their own.  And at times, different members provided a more lead role in a song.

As I continued to take pictures and contemplate their stage presence, I also remembered the comments my friends made about Kyle as a young handsome man.  Actually, each of the four singers could be considered by many to stand in that same category by young girls.  It made me wonder if looks was a part of what made these four voices come together as a group.

Afterwards, I met Kyle and his band mates.  Apparently after their fourth show at Kyle’s home church, they seem eager to present their music and ministry beyond those four walls to the masses.  Again, I do not normally pay as much attention to this genre of music.  But I was drawn to finally acquaint myself with the person behind what had previously only been a name.  I wish them well.