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Indie Artist Blog

First of all, thanks for reading my blog here on I'm sure you are reading this if you are:

1. Desperate for new music
2. An indie artist

I am going to blog occasionally about bands that I've learned of through the internet and word of mouth that do not currently have a label. Since this is a blog, I will probably be a bit more opinionated about some or all of these bands--good or bad. There is also a very good chance that at times I'll take a different path and talk about other music related things I'm interested in. That's what I like about a blog. I can talk about what I want to and you can choose to read it or not! Hopefully you'll like what I have to say, and we'll go from there.

Well I wanted to announce the Indie Artist blog and now give you a bit of background as to why I chose to write this type of blog.

Over the summer I am a DJ on Messiah College's radio station, WVMM. This summer, my co-host and I wanted to do something different to break out of the norm. So, we have an Indie Artist spotlight each week where we feature 3 or 4 indie bands, talk about them a little and play a song of theirs. Some we've heard before, most we haven't until the week before in preparations.

This blog will allow me to continue that in the fall and spring because, hey, the indie artists really appreciate the publicity they get from that sort of thing.

So starting next week I'll try to write a little about an indie artist each week. You can check out a few to get started by clicking over to our radio show's web site.