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Most Spun 2006: April Hefner

Submitted by April Hefner of Rocketown Records

1. Watermark - A Grateful People

Watermark's Christy Nockels could sing the phone book, and I'd still pay money for admission. Combine her talented vocals with her husband Nathan's crisp production and harmonies, and it's the perfect combination. With A Grateful People, the duo gathered friends and family for a night of worship music in their home church, inviting folks like Chris Tomlin Charlie Hall, Point of Grace, Shane & Shane, and others to join them on stage. The result is breathtaking music that directs the listener's attention to the source of our praise.

2. The Fray - How to Save a Life

I've been listening to this CD all year. Great hooks, terrific melodies and relatable lyrics led to this being one of the most commercially accessible albums of the year. Even better, it's not only a commercial juggernaut as attested to by strong sales numbers and numerous placements in TV and film--it's actually a really good CD... not to mention perfect for a run outdoors with the iPod.

3. Jars of Clay - Good Monsters

I've been a fan since day one, but the Jars men totally outdid themselves on this one. Years from now, Good Monsters will still be discussed as one of Christian music's true masterpieces. Lyrically poignant and musically inventive, Dan, Steve, Matt and Charlie prove that excellent artistry, relevant themes and social responsibility can work together in a fashion that is both profoundly poetic and universally appealing. Good Monsters forces me to ponder God, sin, life and the world around me in new ways, fulfilling art's greatest intent.

4. The Turning - Learning to Lose

This young band hailing from Chattanooga, Tenn. blend together two of my favorite things: introspective, intelligent writing with music that simply rocks. And you'd be hard pressed to find four nicer, harder working men in any band anywhere. The future of Christian music's in good hands with guys like this at the forefront of the next generation.

5. Coldplay - X&Y

It released in 2005, but it's still getting a lot of airplay in my car. "Talk," "Fix You" and "The Hardest Part" are songs that particularly connected with me, and the last track, "Till Kingdom Come," resonates strongly with the Johnny Cash fanatic resting within this Southern girl.

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