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Most Spun 2006: Doug Van Pelt

Submitted by Doug Van Pelt (Editor, HM Magazine)

1. Mute Math - Mute Math

This album just keeps getting better and better. I had it back in the Spring, when they were only selling it at shows, etc. Now, with the official release finally coming out this fall, they added many of the songs from the Reset EP and also include a live CD. This should go down as a classic. Imagine Radiohead and Coldplay coming together and making Sting their lead vocalist... They totally bring it live, too.

2. Showbread - Age of Reptiles

This album really re-invented this already great band. They bring the fun vibe that was on the Red Blood Cells album. This is one of my favorite albums of the year, for sure.

3. P.O.D. - Testify

This great material came at a really crucial and important time for P.O.D. I keep coming back to it and playing it again and again. I love the worshipful tune with Matisyahu -- "Strength of My Life." Their heavy and rock stuff is great.

4. Project 86 - ...And The Rest Will Follow

It was their "Making Of" DVD that made me love this band and this album all the more.

5. Stavesacre - How To Live With A Curse

This should be called "the comeback album of the year" for this band that's had a hard time of it the past decade or so, with a few label problems and such. They haven't sounded this good since Speakeasy.

6. The Violet Burning - Drop-Dead

This great band has finally released a good album (which hasn't happened since their self-titled album on Domo Records over a decade ago. I haven't brought this one out for a few months, so not sure how it'll stand up over time.

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