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Most Spun 2006: Flynn Adam

Submitted by Flynn Adam (solo artist and L.A. Symphony member)

1. Gnarls Barkley - St. Elsewhere

Ever since the release of "Crazy" I think just about anyone and everyone was sucked into the intrigue and brilliance behind the Gnarls Barkley project... to say the least it's definitely one of the more progressive and artistic releases of 2006 and I definitely have enjoyed the music, videos and comedy behind even their press / publicity... It's hip hop meets Motown meets a bit of rock meets a bit of crazy (for lack of better word/pun)...

2. TV on the Radio - Return to Cookie Mountain

This album is definitely another "outside the box" release and I really love the fact that it's somewhat unpredictable and very unique and original in song structure and delivery. Even though the vocals might not be the most professional-sounding they are definitely heartfelt and there's a genuine sonic style about this group that I think has attracted people to really check this release out.

3. Justin Timberlake - Future Sex/Love Sound

I really loved his first album and thought it was a classic for his genre... the second one at first let me down a bit, juxtaposed to my expectations. I think for one the lack of the Neptunes' presence on the album was notable; however, Timbaland really did a great job overseeing and producing the majority of it and can be commended for some of the great bangers he brought to this one. Also,'s addition to the album is a nice gem that really gave a dynamic range to the overall project. I must say, after a few more listens I was glad to add it to this list.

4. Derek Webb - Mockingbird

I have to admit I had never heard any of his other material and had never been in Caedmon's Call, but when I stumbled across this album I gravitated towards it a lot. His lyrical honesty combined with his musical capabilities really do make for a wonderful album. I think there are very few Christian artists out there that have posed some of the honest questions and statements that he creates on this album and I thoroughly enjoy not only listening to it but trying my best to live according to suggested Christian direction found within the album.

5. A Tribe Called Quest - Midnight Marauders

This album came out in 1993 and will always be a hip hop classic to me... perhaps it's part nostalgia, but I just cherish this time in hip hop before things got so huge and commercialized to the point that it seems way more difficult for art to be sincere in human expression. All I can say is that as an artist and producer I always can get something from listening to this album...even though it's 13 years old.

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