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Most Spun 2006: Jack Mooring

Submitted by Jack Mooring of Leeland (current album - Sound of Melodies)

1. Godfrey Birtill - God Help Us

Godfrey is a worship leader from the UK that has really affected my family and our band. There's a raw reality to his worship, and the power of God truly rests upon this man. The songs are direct and crying out for God to change our broken world. It's a live record with moments of lament and grief to times of joy and celebration.

2. Keane - Under the Iron Sea

I don't really have to say much in terms of description about this one. I think every Keane fan was blown away for their sophomore effort. Never thought I would say this, but I think I like it more than Hopes & Fears. This CD was playing non stop in our van for weeks. Amazing.

3. Phil Wickham - Phil Wickham

It's a self-titled debut record from a friend of ours in California. He's an amazing songwriter with a voice that's haunting and anointed. I've seriously listened to this record a million times this year. It's so cool, but he didn't compromise his transparent intimacy with God. Definitely one of the most spun of 2006 for me. Every song is good!

4. David Gray - Life in Slow Motion

I love music that moves me, and this album certainly accomplishes that. Piano is my instrument of choice and this is a keyboard players' dream record. I think I've spun this one so much that I need to go buy another copy of it.

5. Death Cab for Cutie - Plans

I freaked out when I got this record. I had listened to some of Transatlanticism, but wasn't a huge Death Cab fan. After listening to this album, I came to the conclusion that it's the best lyrics I've heard in mainstream music this year. The chord progressions, lyrics, and production all makes for a masterpiece.

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