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Most Spun 2006: Steven Bush

Submitted by Steven Bush (bass player, SPUR58)

1. Death Cab for Cutie - Plans

Plans is a record that I seem to go back to quite often. Ben Gibbard's lyrics are so thought provoking, and the band's creative musical arrangements bring these songs alive. From thoughts on life, love, death, and the afterlife...this CD has been my top spin for the year.

2. Damien Rice - O

Damien Rice, in my opinion, has created one of the most beautiful pieces of musical art with his record O. His intriguing lyrics, raw vocals, bare acoustic, and haunting string accompaniment make this record one of my all-time favorites.

3. Patty Griffin - 1000 Kisses

I love folk music, and Patty Griffin is the godmother of folk. She has stuff that Sheryl Crow wishes she could have. Patty has a voice that captivates, and she uses it to actually say something of depth. This record is wonderful.

4. Ray LaMontagne - Trouble

Again...another folk artist added to the list. Ray has one of the most memorable voices in music that makes you believe what he is saying. Raspy, soulful, rootsy, and honest are some of the words that come to mind when I think of Ray LaMontagne and his record Trouble.

5. Sigur Ros - ( )

Being in SPUR58 requires me to be on the road a lot. Sometimes I need to escape from the hustle and bustle of the road, and when I do I turn to Sigur Ros and their CD, ( ). This band and their music is like no other. This CD is beautiful, ethereal, and enchanting. I have had many great quiet times with ( ) playing softly in the background.

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