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Most Spun 2007

Here at inReview (and previously at cMusicWeb) we have been expressing our own blend of the typical annual "Best of" albums for several years. To fit our motto, "A Different Approach to Music," the best albums have transformed to most spun rather than the best new records. The choices expand to any music in any genre from any time. After all, do our staff and readers only listen only to new releases? I hope not!

If you are a faithful reader, you may have been wondering if the tradition would be carried over for 2007. Yes, it is a little bit late for the feature to hit the site. But this year, we asked for submissions with a different approach. Normally, in order to post the results near the end of the year, our staff contacts artists, journalists, PR folks and other music industry associates in late Fall. This year, taking over the helm of the sometimes-arduous task, I decided to contact people through MySpace in early January. In fact, I began the process on New Year's Day. I chose about forty "friends" (out of my nearly seven hundred) and sent each a message with a request to submit a list of the five albums they listened to most during the year. Then we asked them for a few words to address why these albums made it onto the top five.

Not everyone replied back. Admittedly, most of those who replied are people I have actually met. The results you will see in the next couple of weeks represent those who responded, with a handful of staff submissions as well. Since these folks in one way or another revolve around music, it is always fun to find out what has been revolving in their CD players (or blaring through their iPods). We hope you enjoy reading the responses as much as we did!

The Most Spun of 2007 According To: