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Most Spun 2007: John Roger Schofield

Submitted by John Roger Schofield of The Myriad (upcoming release: With Arrows, With Poise, May 13, 2008 - Koch Records)

1. Radiohead In Rainbows

The language fails when it comes to this record. Thus, I won't sully it's ineffability with any stupid critique, no matter how much lauding or exaltation be contained therein! I will say this, however, thank God I will have this record for the rest of my life... to listen to and unfold whenever I choose... ; it's like having a wild, crystal-clear alpine river directly in my backyard... in which to immerse my hot, tired feet whenever life gets unbearable...

2. Blonde Redhead 23

How lucky was I that the bus we traveled in for the Crowder tour was used by Blonde Redhead right before us!?! Forsooth, quite lucky! At the time, I couldn't put this record down. This band has truly refined their sound into something that swirls, dives, zings, zips, and covers the listener in a giant assuaging blanket made of the fuzziest threads ever... i.e.: copious comfort times ten! Kazu's voice will give you white wings and push you out into the radiant dawn. Every song on 23 is good... and that's saying something. Oh, and "Silently" will throw you back into the misty 50's, lucid, yet ever so dream-like! This trio hits the heart like a snowball made of pear sherbet!

3. Goldfrapp Supernature

Thank God that something distinct and glorious drifted down the old aqueduct and straight into my hot little hands! Goldfrapp will sizzle and zap your speakers with copious digital synth and geeeoooooorrrrgggeeeeoooouuus melodies from the voice of an auspicious siren. Such beats. Such a voice. This record kept me awake whilst driving for many a mile at 4 am in the old van throughout the lower 48. That's how infectious it is, better than a cup of coffee, like a mellifluous fog of auric goodness. The two records before this one, "Felt Mountain" and "Black Cherry" are quite good too. Daft Punk meets Blondie meets a James Bond Movie. Glory be! Brits be!

4. The White Stripes Icky Thump

Jack White is the only true rock star left in the world. Only he could write such a pure, thumpin', mind-blowin' romp as "Icky Thump". This record was like a gust of fresh air from an honest town out west amidst so much trendy, ephemeral dross. A dusty guitar through dusty tubes never sounded so dern good. Like a grizzly bear that fights foes deep in the Rockies in order to protect you and you alone. A grizzly bear friend; that's what Jack White is. With huge teeth and claws. Amen.

5. Tori Amos American Girl Posse

I'm a long time fan of everything Tori's done. Her melodies incite in me such ambient joy that I rush to the store like a wild banshee whenever her newest records drop. What a songcrafter. What a wonderful songcrafter... dogged and unflagging in her colorful creations! Purchase this record, throw on some good headphones and turn up "digital ghost"... let it wash over you and awaken you. Thank you Tori, for existing. {And again I say rejoice!}