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Most Spun 2007: Jonny Upson

Submitted by Jonny Upson of Parker Theory (current Album: Leaving California - Rescue Records); also band photographer

1. Paramore RIOT!

Undoubtedly my pick for Album Of The Year. If you've heard "MiseryBusiness" and think it's the greatest song ever, you're probably wrong. The rest of the album will surprise you. Finally, a female who can take charge of a stage full of dudes, and control the crowd at the same time. If you're a fan of Anberlin, then do yourself a favor and treat yourself to some real music and buy this album. Full of hit songs, catchy melodies, and topped off with polished production, RIOT! was my #1 Most Spun album of 2007.

2. As I Lay Dying An Ocean Between Us

Those of you who look at this list and think my #2 selection is a bit out of place, you're probably right. Metal isn't exactly the style of music I'm drawn to, but knowing these guys 'off stage' was enough to make me put this album on my iPod and give it a listen. What I heard next was a thrashy surprise to my ears. It is full of loud screaming vocals, ripping drums, and solos that will melt my face off ... and surprisingly I enjoyed itenough for it to almost top my list.

3. Brighten King vs. Queen

These three guys, from Chico, CA, write deep sad songs that will leave you smiling. Strange, I know. But their ability to write a catchy pop song is amazing. If you've heard of Brighten, you've heard about their horror stories about their record label. All those stories aside, they still press on by putting their album out on their own dime and touring with some amazing bands. You may have seen them with Eisley, Hawthorne Heights, Cute Is What We Aim For, or even my next selection...

4. We Shot The Moon Untitled as of now

I'm sure it's not fair that my #4 Most Spun album of 2007 isn't even out yet, but that's the perk of knowing a ton of bands. You might be asking yourself who We Shot The Moon is, with reason because they are a new band. Jonathan Jones of Waking Ashland (RIP) is now fronting this new band affectionately shortened to WSTM. This album, due out early this year on The Militia Group, picks up where Waking Ashland's Composure left off. Great guitars, extremely catchy songs, and some nice piano to finish things off. Keep your ears to the ground, these guys can't be missed.

5. Jon Foreman Fall EP // Dustin Kensrue Please Come Home

Ok so I'm obviously cheating. I can't pick 2 albums for my #5 ... but once you hear both of these, you'll be stuck listening to them too. Jon Foreman is possibly one of the best lyricists of this generation, and is finally showcasing his softer side with a series of 4 EP's over the course of a year. Fall was the first out, then Winter, and so on. Dustin Kensrue, better known as the frontman for the rock band Thrice, shows his quieter side, with some scratchier vocals and songs that you'll want to hear over and over again.