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Most Spun 2007: Kevin Max

Submitted by Kevin Max (formerly of dc Talk/solo artist; current album: The Blood - Infinity Music Distribution)

1. The Beatles Revolver

[This album] means the world to me....."she said, she said" probably sums up everything I like about The Beatles, and music on the whole.

2. Oasis Don't Believe the Truth

Oasis to me have always been great when they turn up the amps and forget about stylism, but this project is different, it is courageous for them and a message to everyone out there that only thinks of this band as derivative....Oasis can write great songs, play like a band, and continue to change.

3. Robert Plant and Alison Krauss Raising Sand

This is my Nashville driving record. I have driven my band members and family crazy by playing it so much....the combination of Plant and Krauss is amazing and very unconventional.


4. Radiohead In Rainbows

One of their best in my mind, it is the perfect combination of new and old Radiohead forms....and Yorke's voice just gets better and better.


5. Led Zeppelin Mothership

I know i was told like alot of Christian kids growing up that Led Zeppelin was in league with the comment to that is, "I guess the Devil does have all the good music."