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Most Spun 2007: Mark Graalman

Submitted by Mark Graalman of Sanctus Real (Current album: We Need Each Other - Sparrow Records)

1. Foo Fighters Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace

This is the latest Foo record and in my opinion their best one since The Colour And Shape. The Foo Fighters have been one of my favorite bands for the last ten years just because they're one of the last truly cool rock bands to still get played on the radio and have videos on Mtv and such. That just doesn't seem to happen anymore for rock bands unless they sound like Creed or Nickelback, who are basically very poor attempts to rip off one of the last true rock bands still going but no longer getting any radio; Pearl Jam.

2. Pearl Jam Live at Lollapalooza 2007

This is just a great reminder of what phenomenal song writers and live performers the guys in Peal Jam are. Plus I just miss the COOL baritone voice of Eddie Vedder being on radio as opposed to...well just re-read about the Foo record and you'll understand what I'm getting at. Pearl Jam rocks out their classic hits on this great sounding live record like it's still the late '90's and fully accomplish making me feel like I'm 16 again. I love it all but must admit I do get annoyed by the foul language and the promo of P.J.'s whacked out political views which, for the record, I do not agree with. I just enjoy great music & melody played flawlessly in a live setting.

3. Paul McCartney Memory Almost Full

From the man who was one of the main songwriters for The Beatles, the greatest pop rock band of all time, comes one the most funs listens I've experienced in quite awhile. This record is quirky and at times a little geeky and it points out to me exactly what everyone loved about the little mop top band from over the pond; it's just creative, happy, good music! All the emo kids who like My Chemical Romance should go buy it.

4. John Mayer Continuum
This has become on of my favorite records of all time. Between the amazing song writing skills and bluesy lead guitar playing of John Mayer, then also the rootsy production and funky groove focused drumming of Steve Jordan, this record is an instant classic. Vibe, vibe, vibe...that's all I've got to say.

5. Vince Guaraldi Trio A Charlie Brown Christmas

I finally bought this record this year. I've always wanted it because it has my most favorite Christmas tune on it; "Christmas Time Is Here (instrumental)". I just love the mood of this record. I love Christmas songs done jazz anyway but this album somehow defines for me what the musical atmosphere of my favorite time of year is supposed to be. It just makes me feel all warm and good inside. A Christmas tree in the living room, a warm cup of coffee and cuddling with my wife on the couch while listening to Vince Guaraldi... The perfect holiday evening.