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Most Spun 2007: Rebekah Markowitz

Submitted by Rebekah Markowitz, Manager of New Media, Centricity Records

1. Jack's Mannequin Everything in Transit

While this album came out in 2005, it hasn't left my cd player since the day I bought it. I've listened to this album at least once a week since it's release, and it's one of the VERY few albums that I love every song on the album. I'm extremely excited for the new album in 2008.

2. Anberlin Cities

While most of my favorite artists had a release recently, only two of them came out with albums that were not disappointing. Anberlin's Cities was one of the two. Their music just captivates you.


3. Motion City Soundtrack Even If It Kills Me

This was the other of the two non-disappointing recent releases. Their music is always catchy and their lyrics are clever. And while they mature with every album, they never abandon the sound that makes them unique.


4. Mae The Everglow

I know that Mae released a new album this year, Singularity, but unlike the two I mentioned above, it failed to impress me. I gave it a few listens, but ended up coming back to The Everglow, one of the best full-length albums I've ever heard. I can never get enough of this album, even years later.

5. Muse Black Holes and Revelations

There are always a few of those artists that you keep hearing about for years, but never really take the time to listen to. Muse used to be one of them for me, until I finally checked them out this year. I have to say that this album blew me away! The artistry is phenomenal!