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Rise (2013)

Awake (2009)

Comatose Comes Alive (2008)

Comatose (2006)

Collide (2003)

Let's rewind to September 2001. I was sitting in front of my laptop, much like I am now, typing up the review for Skillet's fourth album, Alien Youth. My goodness, what a grand album that was. I listened to it seventy-hundred times, salivated over it until my mouth was dry, and bought copies for all two of my friends. My closing comments went something like this: "When it all comes down to a point, this album is FLAWLESS. Cooper and Co. have done everything perfectly this time around, giving them a tough challenge to top in the future…" Yes, I remember it well.

Alien Youth: The Unplugged Invasion (2002)

Rock. We need it, want it, love it. Our souls require the constant fusion of metal and electricity as fuel. Like an engine we consume it, down to the very last drop of pure adrenaline, until we are spent and then proceed to the next most convenient energy source. But what happens when you take the "rock" out of rock music? If crunchy guitars and torrential drum solos ceased to exist, could we still get by? It's in the face of these questions that Skillet cast aside their amps, pick up some acoustic stuff, and say, "Let's keep rocking."

Alien Youth (2001)

TARGET: Planet Earth
MISSION: Take them to our leader.


The invasion begins with the release of Skillet's fourth rock child, Alien Youth. Combine the hard, heavy style of Hey You, I Love Your Soul with the more techno-based Invincible and you have Skillet's most diverse and best album yet.

Ardent Worship (2000)

First it was only wishful thinking. Then came the rumors. And finally there was word from the band themselves. Skillet was making a worship album. An idea pre-conceived even before the release of Hey You, I Love Your Soul, Ardent Records has finally made possible what has been the longing of the group and its many devoted Panheads for quite some time. Move over, Matt Redman. Here comes Skillet.

Invincible (2000)

Skillet is back, and better than ever.

Hey You, I Love Your Soul (1998)

With a stronger, better-built sonic framework, the tight band of John, Ken and Trey explore more of life's complexities...and give it up to God all over again. The title track and opener swims in the depth of God's love and clear response of love to the world's hate. Not nearly a rip-off of delirious?, "Deeper" exposes the battle of burying our own desires; it closes, and the album's best cut begins.

Skillet (1996)

Unafraid to struggle, intensely followed rock band Skillet premiere with 10 songs of absolute Heaven for all fans of aggressive music. With tension unknown to the mainstream CCM, "I Can" shares a deep fear of not being able to surrender and eventually realizing, "I can come to You." #1 Christian rock radio hit "Gasoline" continues the theme, relating, "Soak my heart in gasoline ~ Light a match and consume me" with slamming bass and crunchy guitars.