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Creation Festival (Friday)

So…I definitely just walked out of the same room as Amy Grant.  She was a special guest this year at Creations 30th anniversary.   Being that I am only 20, I am not very familiar with her, but have heard much about her, and I know the status she holds in the music industry. I am really thankful to have the opportunity to sit and listen in on that press conference.  Hawk Nelson was also a part of that particular press conference.  Amy and Hawk Nelson recently collaborated a song together, which I am curious to hear.

Creation Festival (Thursday)

So, it’s Thursday night as I sit here listening to David Crowder in the background (his worship is amazing) in Kim’s car… which she has dubbed our makeshift reporting studio.

I arrived with two of my friends Tuesday night at about 11pm. Let me tell you… constructing a seven-man tent with a mere flashlight is quite the task. Luckily, my friend Tanya whom I was with has had many years’ experience in Girl Scouts, so she did most of the grunt work. But we now have a stable tent to sleep in, and hopefully it will hold up to the heavy rain they are calling for.

American Idol Season 7 - David VS. David

[img_assist|nid=730|title=David VS. David|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=170|height=180]Yes... I am one of those people. The 'Idol' addict who watches their contestant of choice recieve words of wisdom from Simon Cowell on Tuesdays, and who bites their nails praying that the same contestant does not get the axe on the Wednesdays follow up episode.