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Home from Creation

So yeah, I was there, and I'm pretty sure I was supposed to blog once or twice (as Kim and Brandon both did) but there just didn't seem to be enough hours in the day!  I was wearing two hats for the of youth group leader and one of festival photographer.  I was thankful Kim and Brandon were there to cover the press tent.  I know they sat in on some outstanding press conferences, and for the most part I was intensely jealous of the time they got to spend in there, hanging out with the likes of Leeland, David Crowder, and Switchfoot (um...I actually made it to switchfoot's conference...surprised?) At any rate, the festival was amazing. I was overwhelmed by the music, the people, the great merchandise, and my all time favorite festival food...frozen cheesecake.

My job was to photograph staff and in the process, I met some of the most wonderful people on the planet.  Creation Staff is composed almost entirely of volunteers, some of whom have served for 25 years or more.  They have the most tremendous servant attitudes, and they love people.  There is no question that I saw Jesus in that staff in a way that truly humbled me.  Kim asked me to write an article about the staff at Creation, and I will do just that.  I think for the most part no one volunteers so they will get recognition for it, but they deserve it.

I'll also be posting pix from the shows I attended.  Look for a twist on those...I'm cooking up a few ideas on how to post them with some unique insight.

Oh, and it was tons of fun to hang out with Kim and Brandon for the few moments we got to be together.  It was like our own little inreview family...loved it!