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[img_assist|nid=1690|title=Pillar|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=196|height=134]So, obviously, I'm not the world's best blogger.  Keeping up with a daily habit, unless it's brushing my teeth and showering, isn't easy for this queen of ADD.  And though I had all good intentions of blogging each day from Creation East (which ended like...three months ago), weak internet signals, 16 hour days, and keeping up with 12 teens kind of got in the way.  Add to that craziness my volunteer assignment  to photo-document as much of the festival as humanly possible AND turn in staff images (edited and t

Creation East- Day one

So, as I write this, I'm sitting with my laptop in front of our campfire on top of a hill overlooking a few of the thousands of campsites that will be occupied for Creation East 2009. There are hundreds of vehicles still streaming in, even at 11PM, and they are all ready for one of the most enduring and beloved Christian music festivals of the season.

Family feels less Fictional the second time around

Midway through the set list Fiction Family had put together for their show at the Grey Eagle in Asheville, I remember thinking "This is for real...this has become more than just a side project for Sean[img_assist|nid=922|title=Fiction Family's Jon Foreman|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=285|height=190] Watkins (Nickel Creek) and Jon Foreman (Switchfoot)."  And I can't say that the prospect of seeing more Fiction Family shows and several follow up albums bothers me in the least.  

Home from Creation

So yeah, I was there, and I'm pretty sure I was supposed to blog once or twice (as Kim and Brandon both did) but there just didn't seem to be enough hours in the day!  I was wearing two hats for the of youth group leader and one of festival photographer.  I was thankful Kim and Brandon were there to cover the press tent.  I know they sat in on some outstanding press conferences, and for the most part I was intensely jealous of the time they got to spend in there, hanging out with the likes of Leeland, David Crowder, and Switchfoot (um...I actually made it to switchfoot's conferen