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Follow up- Switchfoot Album title PLUS!

Just read Kim's blog about SF's confession... 4 albums instead of just one... and here is some follow up info:

Album #1 is entitled "Hello Hurricane" and is due out in September of this year.  My guess is that those who go to RevGen (Sept 4-5) and Rock the Universe (Sept 11-12) will be the first ones to see the 'foot's new show containing songs from perhaps both of these discs.  That new set list may come sooner in the summer, and you'd better believe that I'll keep a sharp eye out for concert recaps in the event Switchfoot trots out its new songs early.

Album, #2 is entitled "Vice Verses" and is due out some time in 2010. You can get a preview of the title track by visiting and clicking on the media link.  

And one more piece of news came across the internet today...LOBH announced  they had received word that Switchfoot will be releasing and EP entitled "Eastern Hymns for the Western Shore". Yeah...that's happy news.

Looks like the 'foot's indie label/home grown studio thing is working out just fine.