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Creation East- Day one

So, as I write this, I'm sitting with my laptop in front of our campfire on top of a hill overlooking a few of the thousands of campsites that will be occupied for Creation East 2009. There are hundreds of vehicles still streaming in, even at 11PM, and they are all ready for one of the most enduring and beloved Christian music festivals of the season. Creation is celebrating its 31st year, and for me it's my third trek to the festival. It's a long trek, too. Charleston, SC to Shirleysburg,PA isn't the kind of trip I would make for just any reason, but Creation ranks as an event that is totally worth the 13 hour drive. It's also worth the mud (heavy rains have been preceded the festival making camping a challenge), the long shower lines, the inevitable fatique, and the lingering smell of campfire in my hair. It's worth it because when 80,000 people gather to celebrate the music that is dedicated to their Creator, it's an experience that can't be duplicated in any other way. As a staff member, I also get to see the festival come to life. It's fascinating to walk by the space where the Fringe Stage will resonate and see it in organized pieces on the ground then pass by four hours later and see it fully assembled. It's also fascinating to see the obvious joy of the staffers who work this festival year after year...for free. And as a staffer, it's an amazing feeling to know that I can truly be part of something that is larger than myself. And then, there's the music. Relient K, Skillet, Family Force 5, Kutless, Pillar, Red, Needtobreathe, House of Heroes, Disciple...the list continues. Creation Fest brings some of the finest talent in Christian music to the stage every year and gives festival goers a reason to rock and worship. Tomorrow night, Skillet and Relient K will kick off the festival and the rocking won't stop until Casting Crowns closes the festival on Saturday night. I'll be blogging throughout the week with concert photos and show reviews. And as hard as I'll try, I know I won't be able to really capture the scope of the festival itself. But is sure will be a blast to try.